Hilo Triathlon 2016

Hilo Triathlon Race Report – July 10, 2016

Distance: 1mi Run/ 24.8 mi Bike/ 6.2 mi Run

The days before the race:

The day before the race:

The morning of the race before it began:

Swim was canceled and the 1-mile run begins:

I loved it. Running is definitely my strength. I came out of the run 3rd but only behind two relay runners. Seeing my competition here was good to get an understanding of the placement of the fellow athletes. Luis was right behind me and I knew it would be him I’d be chasing on the bike. The rain didn’t bother me at all. It was refreshing to be honest. I saw the sky clearing in the near future so my optimism was high. I went into T1 with my socks on and got them nice and muddy, but was excited to ride with socks during a triathlon for the first time. #ilovesocks

40k bike ride:

As expected, I ended up getting overtaken by Luis within a few miles. He was riding smart, but hot. I stayed as close as possible without making any sharp fast turns on the wet asphalt and without drafting. I just needed to know where he was at at all time. I locked in and never let him go past 50 yards ahead. I knew he was fast, but wow. Riding at his speeds and following his surges was punishing. I figured he was trying to crack me. I was tempted to let go a few times on the up hill sections, but I knew that would be devastating for my psychologically, so I just hung on. I copied his every move. He was making me work! I was past my FTP a few times, but surprisingly I stayed within my wattage for the majority of the uphill. At the downhill, he relented and let me take the lead. I was keen on this, however, a bit pessimistic that he was tired. I think he was just playing with me. I powered down and tried to keep my power the same, but it definitely dropped overall. We swapped positions a few times, but I ended up coming into transition first by less than a second. A misstep forced me to unclip way late into the dismount area as seen in the pictures. I felt guilty for getting off the bike a bit late, but hey, it was not intentional and I was only off by a few feet. Don’t you love unregulated, local tris?

10k run to finish in 1st place overall:

Going into the run, I had to catch the experienced and quick transition, Luis. He was ahead by only a few hundred yards. I surged up to find his pace. I ran glued to him. Breathing down his neck. I was probably pretty annoying, but that’s what I taught my cross country students. Breath into their ear. Remind them where you are. Remind them that you’re in control. I looked at my watch and we were clocking 6 min/mi pace even. We did that for two miles. Then I let him go behind me. He dropped in pace, but I kept it up going about 6:10. I knew he was behind me for the next few miles as I heard him and the cheering shortly behind me. But I was gaining ground. The gap was widening. I was not going to think I could win until I crossed that tape. So I admit I ran in fear. I hate being afraid.

Then a dear friend and mentor, Bree Wee sees me. She shouts, “Dave! Don’t be afraid. Be brave!” And that is the mantra I carried all the way to the finish line. It was unreal. I never beat Luis before. And finally, I did it. And I owe a lot of thanks to that mantra. Don’t be afraid. Be brave.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.51.26 PM

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Here are the PDF links to the articles in West Hawaii Today: Sports page 1 Sport page 2

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