Trying to Train while Traveling

It’s difficult to effectively work out when one’s life is constantly on the move and living out of a suitcase and backpack(s). I’ve been traveling the world since my last post and with that comes a bit of a rest despite the hectic bouncing of airport security checks, train catchings, and checking under the beds to make sure I didn’t leave anything at my last hostel, hotel or airbnb.

In China, I did a few jogs and a swim in Hong Kong, but for the most part I considered it a two weeks rest.

I got back from there and immediately did a tempo run in Oakland and swam at my old favorite,Temescal Pool. Subsequently and of no surprise, I caught a cold. I just pushed it too hard after traveling across the world. That happens to me a lot. I just get so excited in my home towns. Oakland and San Diego are my home towns and they are both such great places to get active and train as a triathlete.

In England I remained too sick to do any workouts aside from lugging a big 75 liter backpack around. Finally in Marseille, France, I strapped on the Mizuno Wave Riders and took off for a jog with my girlfriend. It was windy and fun exploring out there. I then went on more runs and actually did some real workouts out there. The cold water of the Mediterranean was a rush and reminded me of the homey Dolphin Club of San Francisco which was my main swimming grounds for all of 2013. Our favorite beach in Marseille was protected from the wind, and the best thing about the Med is that there are no sharks! So I swam in peace, despite it being in the high 50s. Too bad there was no Dolphin Club sauna to warm me up after. I went for one more swim there before we departed.

By the time we got to Switzerland, I went on a few more runs and felt great at the 4000′ elevation looking over the Alps, while in Leysin. The air was crisp and so clean. I got in some hill runs and felt great with the thin air.

Last week I was in San Diego and I got on my bike twice! It was such a comfort to ride a bicycle after over a month of no rolling. I took it easy, and loved every minute of it. I went on my first ride with my dad where I wore spandex. It was cool to ride with the man who taught me how to ride my first bike over 20 years ago. I love that guy.

I did some serious runs, but nothing long. I put out some real effort and felt great. The swims in La Jolla Cove were unparalleled. The beauty of this place is incredible and a must for any triathlete. It’s warm enough to not have to wear a wetsuit. I highly recommend it.

Now, I’m in the beautiful land of Hawaii. While staying in Kona looking over Kailua Bay, I felt the energy of the Ironman. Kona is a triathlete’s paradise. I ran and swam while seeing hordes of cyclists in aero. They were surely doing a final ride before Ironman Kona 70.3. I’ll be there next year for sure, and hey maybe I’ll be able to qualify for the big one!

The swims in Kailua Bay were very special knowing that that’s where history has been made at the Ironman World Championships. I ran hard before sunrise to beat the heat and did a solid tempo run just the other day on some real hot asphalt in the afternoon.

In five weeks, I’ll be a Kona resident and can’t wait to hit up the free public pool and swim with the local Masters. To ride up Mauna Kea and run on rugged lava trails are just a few of the workouts I am craving.

Now, I’m on my way to Phoenix, AZ. I’ll be on the Tempe campus at ASU and will surely utilize the pool. Hopefully I can find some dirt to run on as I have both of my running shoes including my Mizuno Ascends. My parents will ship my box that I have packed up already with all of my tri-bike gear. Riding in the furnace that is Phoenix will be so fun. I love training in miserable conditions.


2 thoughts on “Trying to Train while Traveling

  1. Mike Moore says:

    David –

    “Sleeveless” here. I was just starting my mental preparation for this years HITS and was reading different Race Reports. I was reading yours, and I saw Second Pack and Sleeveless and I knew you were the guy on my feet.

    I ended up taking first in the 50-55 age group (Yes, you were drafting an old man) in my first triathlon in 15 years.

    Glad to help you through the swim


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